Friday, October 09, 2009

#13 Devil in the White City

I really really liked this book. I love the mix of the non-fiction with fiction, because maybe things really did happen this way. I think authors are brave to take that on. I had never really cared about eighteenth century America very much. It just seemed very industrial to me. But this book revealed to me all the wonderful things that came from the world's fair that I still appreciate today. Then set against that backdrop the story of a serial killer who was just conniving and evil. I listened to most of this book on c.d. and it made it more enjoyable than reading. The history came to life for me and then it was so eerie, like listening to a scary story when the tale reverted to the serial killer. It was so well written and done. Even though the two stories are intertwined, there is still a separateness which at time became confusing, but I forgave it that pretty quickly. I look forward to reading more from this author.