Monday, August 17, 2009

#11 The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett

This is my first into venturing into the Discworld series. It was interesting and I like Pratchett's style mostly. There are just a few times where the story suddenly changes and it's almost like brain whiplash trying to figure out what just happened. I had to read one part several times to figure out what just happened. I'll probably read a couple more books in the series to determine if I want to keep going. I love the wit and humor in the book, which could make up for the random, chaotic storytelling style. The whole story was very imaginitive.


Booklogged said...

My favorite book from Discworld (so far) is Mort. It features Death, who wants to take a vacation so he hires an apprentice.

Framed said...

This one wasn't my favorite either. I really liked Making Money and Going Postal. But I have most of the series so I plan to read all of them.